Roman rock tomb Fasıllar in Phrygia




Fasıllar, in front the Hittite monument, in the rocks opposite the Roman tomb  

Southeast of Lake Beyşehir, above the village Fasıllar, on a slope at an unknown ancient site lies a large Hittite sculpture. On the opposite slope is a rock tomb from the Roman Empire with a horse relief.


The rock tomb  

It shows on the left an arch that may have contained an urn or a statue of the buried person, flanked by two unchanneled Corinthian columns. To the right is a stomping horse.



To the right below the tomb is an inscription of which Prof. Dr. Hasan Spring of Selçuk Üniversitesi in Konya says it is a monument to the Roman rider Lukuyanus, who died at an early age.


Inscription below the rock tomb  


The village Fasıllar  
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