Castle ruin Hoşap in Armenia




The ruin  

Hoşap (Beautiful Water) is a castle ruin near the village of Güzelsu, whose Turkish name also means "beautiful water".



The castle was built in 1643 by the Kurdish prince Mahmudi Süleyman. In 2008 it was closed due to dilapidation, but was extensively restored in the years 2009 and 2010 and reopened.



Originally the castle had two mosques, pantries, several bathrooms, more than 300 rooms and a dungeon. In the novel "The Ararat Legend" by Yaşar Kemal the two main characters Ahmet and Gülbahar find refuge from the Pasha at the castle "Hoşap".



The inscription above the portal


The Village Güzelsu  


Urartian wall and fortress above the village of Güzelsu  




Urartian fortress

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