Hasanaliler Kilisesi in Cilicia






The church of Hasanaliler (Turkish Hasanaliler Kilisesi) is the ruin of an early Byzantine basilica.
Hasanaliler is a village 2.5 km above the Cennet ve Cehennem. The apse and pillar arcades of the southern nave as well as the remains of the apse are mainly preserved, of the rest only foundations can be seen.


The Apsis  

The church of Hasanaliler is a three-aisled pillar basilica.
Built on northeastern sloping ground, it stands on this side on substructures consisting of at least two rooms and a cistern. In the north there are two further rooms below the floor level, an open vault and an apsidal room. Next to the entrance of the vault is a colymbion (holy water basin).


The Colymbion  

The Annex  



The apse to the northeast was rectangular in the height of two floors. In the north there is a 2.05 metre wide annex. Near the narthex in the west a lintel with an inscription was found, which mentions a Paulos as the founder. For stylistic reasons, the building dates back to the 6th century.





The Narthex (Lobby of the Basilica)





Remains of Roman buildings


In the village Hasanaliler there are still sparse remains of about 20 Roman houses, the majority of which are included in modern building development.

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