Meydan Kalesi in Cilicia





The rocky outcrop of Hora Tepesi  

Meydan Kalesi, also known as Sivri Kale, is an ancient settlement on Hora Tepesi, a rocky outcrop at the end of Yenibahçe Deresi, a valley that stretches from Atakent on the coast far into the mountainous hinterland. Neither the Hellenistic nor the Roman name of the settlement is known.


Olbic watchtower in the fortress wall  

Proven by finds and building techniques, the place was founded by the priest state of Olba and was inhabited during the Hellenistic, Roman and also the entire Byzantine period.



Remains of defensive walls, watchtowers, cisterns and foundations of residential houses have survived. The necropolis was in the north on the slope to the gorge.


Gate system  

Byzantine defensive walls  



In the east of the fortress there is a staircase to the river carved into the rocks. The location on the rocky outcrop of Hora Tepesi offered excellent protection from attackers on both sides.



Hellenistic Bastion  
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