Mut in Cilicia






Mut is located at the foot of the Sertavul Pass on the way from Ankara and Konya over the Taurus Mountains to the Mediterranean near Anamur (via Ermenek) and Silifke.


Mut Kalesi  

At the fortress  

Above the city stands the Byzantine fortress Mut Kalesi. It was extended in the 14th century by the Caramanids (a Turkish principality that ruled this part of the country from the 13th century until its demise in 1468).


The way to the fortress  

The fortified tower of the fortress  




View into the interior of the fortified tower


The area has probably been inhabited since Hittite times and was then part of ancient Cilicia. At the time of the Roman Empire the city of Claudiopolis lay with courage. The Romans were followed by the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia. In the 13th century followed the Turkish Karamanids who had founded the Principality of Karaman.





View from the fortress to the north




Today, the square around the fortified tower is used by the mostly local population as a viewpoint with catering.

The wild and romantic landscape on the way from Silifke to Mut. In the Göksu valley    
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