Lycian rock tomb  

Little is known about the history of the city. No records of its foundation were found. Everything known about the history of the town comes from an inscription found in Örenköy in 1946. According to this Araxa was an active full member of the Lycian Federation.


Lycian rock tomb  

The inscription reports of hostilities between Araxa and Bubon in the 2nd century BC and later also between Araxa and Kibyra. In both cases Araxa asked for help from the Lycian Confederation. At this time both Bubon and Kibyra belonged to the four-city alliance dissolved by the Romans around 84 B.C. and only afterwards became members of the Lycian Confederation and with it a part of the Roman province Lycia et Pamphylia. Own coins from Araxa are not known. The nearby town of Orloanda (or Oinoanda) was accepted into the Lycian Confederation through their mediation. In late antiquity, the city was the seat of a bishop.


Figure at a Lycian rock tomb  

An inscription in Sidyma tells of a local legend according to which Leto, the lover of Zeus, gave birth to the twins Artemis and Apollo in Araxa. Only a few remains of walls and rock tombs from the Lycian period are preserved in the town.



Burial cave


Lycian house grave  




Araxa is located near the present village of Ören.
Coming from Fethiye on the coastal road D 400, the national road D 350 branches off about 8 km after the exit Esenköy. At an intersection, a signposted road branches off to the left towards Kemer and Ören (Araxa) and to the right towards Saklikent and Tlos. From here it is 23 km to Ören according to the sign.
The road leads straight into the village Kemer. In Kemer keep left, cross the bridge over the river Koca Çayı and turn right immediately after the bridge in the direction of Ortaköy. After about 12 km you will reach Ortaköy. Cross the village and follow the signs for Ören.
After you have crossed the Koca Çayı again, which has been washed out to a considerable width by the scree carried away from the mountains, you will reach the rock tombs of Araxa directly on the road after another 2.5 km.

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