Adada in Pisidia  




The Roman Forum  

Adada is an ancient city, about 40 km southeast of Eğirdir and 80 km northeast of Antalya, near the present village Sağrak in the district Sütçüler of the Turkish province Isparta.


The Bouleuterion (Town Hall)  

The ancient city lies in a relatively flat, wide high valley. Well preserved are the four imperial temples of the 2nd/3rd century (one inscribed for the emperors and Zeus Sarapis, the second inscribed for the emperors and Aphrodite, the third only for the emperors, the fourth inscribed with coins for Trajan), the Roman forum with a large show stairs as well as the theatre. Furthermore two late-antique three-nave basilicas.


Temple for the Cult of the Emperor  

Temple of Zeus Serapis  

The Theater  

The Temple of Trajan  


Byzantine Basilica





At the Basilica



You can reach Adada via the national road D685 from Antalya to Isparta. About 80 km after the junction of the D685 from the coastal road D400 near the airport Antalya you reach the clearly signposted junction to Sütçüler on the right hand side.

Now follow about 40 km, after Adada well signposted country road, partly by wild romantic mountain landscape, always direction Sütçüler. Only about 7 km before Sütçüler turn left, direction Boğazköy After another 4 km you will pass the village Sağrak and after another kilometre on the right hand side the turn-off to Yeniköy and Adada. After 700 m slightly uphill you have reached the guard's house and the parking lot.

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