Milyos, Melli






The "Baths" of Milyos (not documented)  

Milyos or Melli is an ancient city in the mountains, 47 km as the crow flies north of Antalya, near today's village of Kocaaliler.


Altar for an unknown deity  
Sarcophagus carved from the rock  

The place is largely unexplored. Detailed information about the ancient Milyos could not be found on the web. Even the Austrian explorer Karl Graf Lanckoroński does not mention the place in his two volumes about Pamphylia and Pisidia.
Only the Hellenistic origin of the city seems to be documented by finds. However, the existence of a Roman thermal spa indicates a possible short period of Roman settlement.



The Theater  

The theatre's upper rows of seats are partly hewn into the rock, partly built into the natural slope. The side of the stage house facing the Agora is quite well preserved.


The front of the stage house facing the Agora  


You can reach Milyos via the national road D685 from Antalya to Isparta. About 50 km after the junction of the D685 from the coastal road D400 near the airport Antalya you reach the clearly marked junction to Milyas / Kocaaliler at the northern end of the Karacaören reservoir on your left.
The narrow, approx. 10 km long mountain road is asphalted but, like all roads in the Taurus Mountains, repeatedly shows significant fault damage. A cautious driving style is appropriate. 1,3 km before the village Kocaaliler you drive straight ahead in a hairpin bend to a small square where you can park your car. After Kocaaliler it continues downhill.
At the parking lot the beginning of the 1.5 km long footpath to the ruins of Milyos is very well marked by a sign and red arrows painted on the rocks.
At the beginning, the narrow footpath is quite easy to walk on, but later it rises considerably and is replaced by screes in the former city area. The closer you get to the Acropolis with the theatre, the more challenging the path is to follow. Equipped with sturdy shoes and appropriate caution, however, the Acropolis is easy to climb.

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