İncir Han






İncir Han is an old Seljuk caravansary, near the town of Bucak, about 90 km from the old town of Antalya. The Han is one of the smaller caravanserais.



The size of the closed hall is 29 x 36 metres, while the now excavated yard measures 31 x 36 metres.


The inscription above the portal  

According to the inscription above the entrance portal the north facing Han was built in the years 1238 - 1239 under Sultan Giyaseddin Keyhüsrev II.


In the closed hall  

İncir Han belongs to the category of caravanserais, which were built in the style of the Sultan Han. A closed and covered hall adjoins a large forecourt with presumably open and closed cells, which served as a mosque or prayer room, among other things.







This hall, which is in quite good condition, consists of five rows of vaults. Around a high, central archway with an imposing entrance portal there are two lower vaulted corridors on the right and left. These rows are divided into a total of 7 crossways at right angles to each other. Some parts of the roofing of the central aisle collapsed.


Floor plan of İncir Han caravansary

according to Erdmann

  1 Entrance portal
2 closed hall
3 former courtyard      
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