Kargi Han





The portal  

Kargi Han is an old Seljuk caravansary about 48 km from Antalya Airport. It is located on the old caravan route from Antalya to Konya via Beyşehir The Romans already used this shortest connection between Attaleia (Antalya) and Ikonion (Konya).


The west side  

Since the inscription plate was lost, the year of construction of the Kargi Han can only be dated by stylistic analysis. Based on various almost identical style elements with the Kirkgöz Han and Sarapsu Han caravanseries, it can be assumed that the Kargi Han was built in the years 1237 - 1246 under Sultan Giyaseddin Keyhüsrev II (1236-1246). Its size is 46 x 50 meters.



The portal


The entrance portal on the south side is kept simple and lacks the elaborate stonemasonry work of numerous other caravanserais. It can best be compared to the portal of the Kirkgöz Han.


The north side with the closed hall  

The north side of the Han occupies a massive, closed hall. The eastern side is provided with closed cells, the backmost cell of which can be identified as a mosque by means of the prayer niche. The west and south sides are provided with open cells. The closed cell next to the entrance portal served as the guard's home.


The back side of the Han  

The Han is supplied with water by Kargi Cay. To the right of the entrance is the ruin of a 6 x 10 meter bathhouse. Even today, the typical subdivisions are Caldarium (hot bath room), Tepidarium (room with mild heat) and heating room.




Floor plan of Kargi Han caravansary

according to Erdmann



1 Entrance portal
2 closed cells
4 offene Zellen
5 closed hall
6 Guardian's Cell
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