Ancient Odeons and Bouleuterions in Turkey






The Bouleuterion dates from the late Hellenistic period. The remains of the Bouleuterion have survived to this day, with the north and south walls intact, while the east and west walls have only been partially preserved. The building has a rectangular floor plan of 36 x 26 metres. The scene and the speaker platform are located on the south wall.
The walls of the building are each constructed with two layers of thick blocks alternating with a layer of thin blocks.
The south-facing front wall of the Bouleuterion is preserved up to a height of 9.14 m and has four doors buried underground. A cornice and a row of windows are visible above the doors.
There are entrances on the two side walls, but these are currently buried underground. The entrances are supplemented by barrel vaulted staircases.
Around the four walls there is a horizontal row of niches that can bear witness to a two-storey porch similar to that of the Bouleuterion of Heracleia ad Latmum. According to R. Marchese, the Bouleuterion of Alabanda is similar to that of Miletus.

The semicircle of the cavea can only be recognized with a lot of imagination.  
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