Hittite Monument Fasıllar in Lykaonia




The Monument  

Above the village of Fasillar, 21 km from Beyşehir, lies a monumental Hittite statue. The famous British prehistorian James Melaart (U 29 July 2012) put forward the thesis that the statue could be intended for the Eflatun Pinar spring shrine about 40 km away.


The village Fasillar below the monument  

The statue - probably from the 13th century B.C. - was designed from a single basalt block, but never completed. With a height of 8 metres, a width of 2.75 metres and a weight of approx. 70 tonnes, transport to the actual installation site must have been a challenge that - for whatever reason - could never have been carried out.




The statue depicts two Hittite deities and a pair of lions in the lower part. The weather god Tarḫunna dominates the top. He stands with one leg on the head of one of the lions, while his other leg rests on the shoulder of the mountain god. Some areas of the statue are only outlined, while other areas are already more detailed.





Copy of the monument in Ankara




Since the statue is lying, an exact picture of it would only be possible from the air. To see it in full, you should have a look at the copy in the entrance area of the Archaeological Museum in Ankara.


Opposite the monument is a niche with a horse relief. The tomb dates from the Roman Empire and was dedicated to Lucianos according to the inscription tablet.

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