Mezgit Kalesi in Cilicia





The Temple Tomb  

Mezgit Kalesi is a Roman temple tomb from the 3rd century. It is located near the village Öztürkmenli, 2 km off the road from Atakent to Ovacık and Uzuncaburç. The path branches off to the right opposite the ancient settlement Paslı


The Signpost  

The term "mausoleum of the fearless king" has become popularly accepted for the temple tomb. What this name originates from cannot be clarified.




The 7.8 metre high mausoleum has four columns supporting the gable. The columns are divided into a lower and an upper row at a height of 3.5 metres by brackets. These consoles probably carried the statues or busts of the deceased. An open staircase with a depth of 2.5 metres led into the porch, the Pronaos. This staircase is no longer available. The base area of the building is about 7.7 x 9.2 meters.






The rectangular frame of the pediment triangle was probably decorated with an inscription or a medallion. Unfortunately, the top of the pediment is missing.




The four front columns have short Corinthian capitals with smooth leaves.







In the burial chamber, with a side length of 4.90 metres in approximately square shape, the tombs were arranged on two levels. The consoles on which the second level rested are still there.





The burial chamber was probably used as living space by Turkish semi-nomads in the 17th and 18th centuries. For this purpose, a wooden ceiling was installed on the consoles and a chimney was walled into the rear wall. Its trigger was broken into the back wall of the tomb.

The backside    
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