View over the thermal baths to the surrounding area  

Arykanda is located on the road between Finike and Elmalı, 32 km north of Finike. The ruins of the ancient city lie on terraces on a steep slope between 710 and 820 metres above sea level. The complex offers a wide view of the surrounding mountains and the valley from all terraces. This topography similar to ancient Delphi has registered the name "Delphi Lycia".


The baths  

The city of Arykanda was probably founded in the 6th century BC. Coin finds from the 5th century B.C. prove a long history of the city, but the name of the city only appeared in written form in the 2nd century B.C. as a member of the Lycian Confederation.


The baths  

Like Limyra, Arykanda belonged to the Roman province of Lycia et Pamphilia from 43 AD. Most of the buildings still preserved today also date from the Roman era. It is said that the Arykander had a very bad reputation. They were considered to be addicted to pleasure and wastefulness, and the majority of them were heavily in debt.


Temple tomb in the eastern necropolis  

Christianity found followers in the city early on, but they were not spared from the persecution of Christians in the 3rd century. In Byzantine times Arykanda became a bishop's seat. The city remained inhabited until the 11th century. Why the city was finally abandoned is not known.


The Theatre  

The Odeon between Theatre and Agora





The Agora


View from the Agora towards the thermal baths  
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