Susuz Han




The front  

Susuz Han is an old Seljuk caravanserai, about 14 km from İncir Han located near the town of Bucak.
Since the inscription plate was lost, the year of construction of the Susuz Han can only be dated by stylistic analysis. On the basis of various almost identical style elements with the caravanserai Kirkgöz Han and Sarapsu Han it can be assumed that the Susuz Han was built in the years 1237 - 1246 under Sultan Giyaseddin Keyhüsrev II (1236-1246).
Its size is 25.5 x 27 metres.



The entrance portal


The high-quality stonemasonry of the entrance portal is impressive. Finely crafted plant patterns and calligraphies dominate the decorative overall picture of the portal. Remarkable are the two hemispherical lanterns on the right and left above the pointed arch, as well as the two raised angel figures above the right and left side niches. The opening between the angels probably contained cartouches of the sultan's coat of arms.


The side niches of the portal, right                                           and left



The remains of the wall on the right and left of the front indicate an enclosure of the forecourt. The keystones of a vault still existing on the left side of the front allow the conclusion that connecting vaults were planned for the area of the forecourt. The condition of the keystones does not necessarily indicate the complete implementation of these plans.

he former forecourt  

In autumn 2008, extensive excavations were carried out under the direction of the Burdur Archaeological Museum in the area of the former forecourt of the caravanserai. During these excavations several finds, such as ceramics, coins and metal objects from different eras were made.

The renovated dome  

The Han was extensively restored between 2009 and 2013. There are apparently plans to use it for tourist purposes. In September 2017 there were no signs of it. However it was - like already 2013 - locked, a visit of the interior was not possible. It remains to be hoped that it will not fall into private hands, as is the case with Kirkgöz Han, and will therefore no longer be accessible to visitors in future.


Floor plan of Susuz Han caravansary

according to Erdmann

1   Entrance portal  formerly a closed forecourt
2   Dome 5   Remains of the wall of the forecourt
 closed hall  
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