Ancient Odeons and Bouleuterions in Turkey






The Bouleuterion of Adada, undoubtedly an administrative building, is located in the centre of the city north of the Acropolis and measures 16.45 x 11.00 metres. The preserved 10 meter high wall with Hellenistic features which, according to a theory, was possibly covered with wood inside. The building had 2 floors, of which the lower floor was most probably furnished with wooden rows of seats and chairs for the members of the council.

The main entrance of the lower floor of the building is on the west side, another entrance was on the east side. The council hall was illuminated by small window openings, as can still be seen in the south wall. The preserved wall on the south side proves the existence of a second floor. At the appropriate height there is a window and a small door, similar to a balcony door.

The south wall from the inside  
The west wall  
The north wall  
The south wall  
The south wall  
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