Ancient Odeons and Bouleuterions in Turkey
Kitanaura (Sarayšik)






The Bouleuterion of Kitanaura could only be localized by archaeological features.
Kitanaura is an ancient Lycian city, located in the mountains above Kemer. Historically is not much known about the city. Even the name is controversial, therefore the Turkish name "Sarayšik" is often used. The Greek name Κιτιατήι found on a stele in Patara in 1990 may have been incorrectly translated into Kitanaura. The translation is at least controversial.

The city has been archaeologically explored by the University of Antalya, but not excavated. The area of the Acropolis shows hardly recognizable buildings for the layman. The remains of the buildings give the impression of a lasting human influence, but the damages are probably due to several earthquakes. Hardly any stone above the earth's surface lies on top of the other. The Bouleuterion and the Byzantine basilica can only be identified with prior knowledge. Some of the walls and building remains date back to Hellenistic, Lycian, Roman and Byzantine times.

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