Ancient Odeons and Bouleuterions in Turkey






The construction of the Odeon began during the reign of Emperor Augustus (27 B.C. - 14 A.D.), but was not finally completed until 200 A.D.. During Hadrian's time, a separate entrance to an honorary box for prominent personalities was created between 129 and 132 AD. (right) This entrance is very well preserved.
The cavea has a diameter of 48 meters and could accommodate about 1500 spectators. The building was probably financed by the city council. Therefore, the 50 meter long, richly decorated facade of the stage building was probably only completed at the end of construction around 200 AD.

After the completion of the Odeon it replaced the Bouleuterion, which had come into its daylight, due to its better acoustics, its better insulation against the summer heat and last but not least due to its better heatability in winter.

After a last renovation in the 6th century AD, it was probably also used for gladiator fights and animal hunting. Today only the rough form of the cavea is preserved. The seat stones were removed in late antiquity.

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